CABARETE EATS: Wilson’s River-side Restaurant

FUNNY STORY:  During a particularly rainy season where the water level of the river rose, Wilson’s crocodile escaped from the zoo and swam a downwinders to Kite Beach. It was successfully captured without any issues. 

ORDER THIS: A dozen jaiba (the Taíno word for river crab) with boiled green bananas, a heavenly oil and garlic sauce and a fried fish with all of the trimmings—rice, tostones, and a salad with avocado when it’s in season. A boozy piña colada inside of an actual pineapple.

THE PERFECT DAY: Kiteboarding at La Boca followed by an amazing meal followed by a downwinder to Cabarete Bay as the sun sets. 


Wilson’s Bar and Restaurant is a must-visit if you’re coming to Cabarete. This rustic river-side restaurant is a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Cabarete beach.

This place is definitely not for fussy eaters or travellers, and getting there is only part of the adventure. For those with adventurous spirits, this is a hands-on experience you definitely don’t want to miss. Kiters will love that it’s located in Cabarete’s iconic La Boca—a flat water kiting spot where local pros come to practice their tricks. Seafood lovers will appreciate that for 15 years, Wilson’s has been serving up freshly caught, always deliciously prepared local seafood.

The trek to Wilson’s is a trek and involves a 7.5 km drive from Cabarete’s centre, a twisty windy ride (or very long walk from the main road after a carrito/guagua ride) through Camino del sol past a now defunct all-inclusive hotel (that’s also worth a stop to snoop around) on a half paved road followed by a quick, free ride on a somewhat rickety looking, but very reliable, little motorboat. 

The food at Wilson’s Bar is entirely Dominican as is the staff. Everything is cooked on wood fires that adds another layer of authenticity to the traditional fare and a taste hard to find anywhere else. Wilson’s is known for its seafood, always freshly caught, always deliciously prepared but for fussy eaters or non-seafood lovers, the fried chicken is also a good option. 

PRO-TIP: Avoid this place on the weekends, it gets filled with local and out-of-town Dominicans and the service gets very slow.


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