VOCAB: Rooms

The following graphics are to give you some furniture vocabulary. Each major room in the house: living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen has its own graphic with all of the important words along with their articles (so you’ll know right away if the noun is masculine or feminine).

Two options given (separated by a “/”) represent either two common ways of saying the same item, or the two names for similar but different pieces of furniture. The latter will be indicated under the graphic! Click each image to see the full size!

NOTE: UVB students—use these graphics as a study guide and to complete your tarea.

A good source when looking up vocabulary is WWW.WORDREFERENCE.COM

La Sala: the living room

  • In some regions a coffee table is called mesita de sala or mesa baja
  • Sillón also means armchair.

La Cocina: the kitchen

  • Here, I chose to differentiate between two different kinds of cabinets: those that just store plates, tupperware or cups, versus those that would store food things (spices, canned goods, dried pasta, etc) which would then be called a despensa or pantry.
  • Some other important vocabulary: los platos (the plates), los cubiertos (the cutlery), and el congelador (the freezer)

El baño: the bathroom

  • Lavabo is often the way a sink in the bathroom would be labelled in a sign or textbook but in my experience lavamanos is more common for daily use in my region.
  • Papel higiénico is the way toilet paper would most likely be labelled on a package and I personally use this term, but papel de baño is also correct, understandable, and most importantly easier to say and remember for most.
  • Some more vocabulary: el botiquín (the medicine cabinet)

La habitación: the bedroom

  • La alcobael cuarto, la recámara are three other ways to say bedroom and usage is defined by region.
  • The word for nightstand also varies by region. I have chosen the one I use the most and which would be understandable anywhere.

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