Romantic Activities for Couples in Cabarete

Cabarete is known as the adventure capital of the Dominican Republic so it’s not necessarily known for romance though there are many stunning candlelit restaurants along the beach. But if you’re looking to spice up date night with more than just dinner there are plenty of ways to bring on the adventure. Here are 5 activities that are perfect couples activities in Cabarete for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just a regular old date night!


You only need to look at a Dominican dance floor to see just how romantic, sensual and in-sync couples who dance bachata or merengue together are. But if you want to see a truly local scene that is more romance-less-hook-up, skip Cabarete beach. Instead, take a dance class together and then go on an adventure to the places Dominican people go for a dancing date.


A few years ago a study was published that found that learning a new language lit up the same pleasure centre in your brain as when you have sex or eat chocolate. So you might say that learning Spanish (once you get over the initial frustrating hump—sorry I couldn’t help myself) is like an aphrodisiac. It’s a great way to do something you should do anyway when travelling to a Spanish-speaking country, together, while reaping all of the extracurricular benefits.


Experiencing new things together is an important part of keeping the romance alive and there are few things more exciting than a local food experience where you can literally dig right in and get your hands dirty. Take a drive through some pretty scenic countryside, an old ghost town, and cross a river in a old wooden boat, and you’ve arrived at Wilson’s restaurant—one of my favourite places to go on a date.


There isn’t a lot that’s intrinsically sexy about helmets, life jackets or water shoes but scientists say that performing new and exciting tasks together can keep your relationship happy. And there isn’t a lot that’s more exciting than water sports. If you’re not already experienced water-people, consider taking some kite or surf lessons together and who knows, if you like it it might inspire some more adventure-based vacations. Plus, you’ll already be on the beach so after the lesson you can sprawl out and enjoy a sunset drink.


There’s something about sharing food that is naturally sexy and that’s why eating together is such a popular night out for couples but it can just as easily be a night in. Taking a cooking class in Cabarete allows you to learn not about Dominican agriculture and local food and how to prepare it. It’s an activity you can do together that has delicious results you can cherish forever and relive every time you prepare the meal together.

And there you have it, my five favourite couple activities in Cabarete. If you go on any of these dates post the pictures on our Facebook page, we’d love to see!

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