Materials for your course with UVB

So you decided to learn Spanish in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and you decided to do it with me! Not only will our classes be engaging, dynamic and fun, you’ll also learn a lot (and much faster than you think). All of my materials are digital so we can minimize the amount of paper waste we create. Throughout the course I’ll ask you to refer back here for free Spanish infographics that you can download to any of your devices—they’re yours to keep forever and for free.

Since we’ll be speaking Spanish as much as possible in class, it’s important that you learn these important phrases. BONUS: they’re extremely useful outside of class as well! Click here to see and download Frases Importantes.

This basic conversation dialogue will introduce you to new concepts, verb forms, and help you to be able to communicate at an introductory level. Note that on the side are common greetings we will go over in class. Click here to see and download Conversación Básica.

With these question words in Spanish you’ll be able to start putting together questions with the vocabulary you learn in class. Click here to see and download Question Words.


Comestibles: Food
El Restaurante
El Tiempo: The Weather
De Compras: Shopping