GRAMMAR: Preterite Tense

This preterite tense is otherwise known in English as the simple past. In layman’s terms: I sat, I ate, I went, I did (these are examples of the simple past in English). For UVB students going through the cultural and language immersion curriculum, the preterite tense is the first time venturing outside of the comfort of present tense conjugation. Together with the notes given in class, the following are sequence of events cards that have been taken out of order. For homework, look at the cards (whichever you’ve been assigned whether it be 1, 2, or both) write down the correct chronological order using the letters provided with each scene and then write a paragraph telling the story depicted in the cards. Please read the tips below before you start the homework.

Event Sequence 1
Event Sequence 2


  • The X marks the first card in the series.
  • Use the “story” words you were taught today primero (first), entonces/luego, después (then), and al final (in the end).
  • Try to make use of the verbs you already know first. Part of learning to communicate in a new language is making yourself understandable even if you don’t have all of the vocabulary (e.g.. a refrigerator becomes the box that keeps food cold in the kitchen-its clunky, but its better than getting frustrated because you don’t know the word for refrigerator). If you absolutely need to look up new verbs or vocabulary (or if you look it up after you’re done with your homework in order to beef up your vocabulary) I love the website
  • Be as creative and detailed as possible. Add in extra information. The idea is I can give this same assignment to 100 students and even if the foundations are the same, the stories will all be somewhat different and individualized. Surprise and entertain me!
Non-UVB students and teachers, feel free to use this to practice or as a homework assignment for your own students. the original images aren’t mine but they have been adapted. As always, feel free to share, print, and link back :)

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