VOCAB: Family

Family vocabulary in Spanish

  • The “@” sign signals words that could end in “a” or “o.”
  • Prim@: is the word for cousin. Primo-herman@ is specifically for first cousins; literally translated it means cousin-brother or sister. This speaks a lot to how family is structured in traditional latino families.
  • The possessive adjectives (my, your, our) become plural in Spanish. (e.g. mi hermano and mis hermanos)
  • In Spain there is a possessive adjective for vosotros: vuestro/a(s) but like vosotros this possessive adjective is used primarily in Spain. In places where ustedes takes the place of vosotros, the possessive pronoun for second person plural (y’all-ustedes) is su(s).

Note: UVB Students—use this graphic as a study guide to help you with your Ser & family homework.

Eg: Mi mamá es baja. Mi mamá es blanca. Mi mamá es muy inteligente. Mi mamá es dominicana. Ella es doctora. Ella está en Nueva York. 

For more vocabulary, check out this infographic for some common gentilicios (nationalities) and this one for some common occupations to help you complete your sentences!

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