LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Where to Stay in Cabarete

Part of ethical travel is buying local, but trying to figure out which businesses are locally-owned isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to make reservations ahead of time from outside of the country. Locally-owned accommodation that is centrally located in Cabarete comes in a lot of different forms for a variety of budgets. For people looking for seaside accommodation to budget hostels or for the longterm visitors who want immersive options in the Dominican neighbourhoods, Cabarete has something for everyone. Here is a list of Dominican-owned accommodation options for every budget and style so you can make a smart, sustainable choices about where to stay in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Type: Budget Hotel

Amenities: Hot water, fan, television, A/C with street power, night guard and security cameras.

Cost: 600DOP (about 13USD)—1000 DOP (about 22USD) per day

To Reserve: Call +1.809.571.9726


Happy Days Hotel is perfect for someone who just wants a cheap, clean, no-frills room with all the basics: a fan, hot water, a TV set, and a bathroom for the sweet price of 13USD a day. Upgrade to a single room with air-conditioning for 800DOP (17USD) a night. A double room with air conditioning and two separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom is the most expensive at 1000DOP (22USD). The hotel always has electricity thanks to an inverter and backup power plant so the fans work 24/7 but the air conditioning is dependent on the street power (which runs for about 12 hours a day). Happy Days is located in the first street of the Callejón, a predominantly Dominican neighbourhood and is walking distance from plenty of local eateries, fruit stands, and the beach.

Type: Hotel/Hostel

Best for: Budget travellers who want more of a hostel feel and a kitchen to cook in

Amenities: Fan, hot water, communal kitchen, simple rooms

Cost: Email for price list (but it’s definitely a deal!)

To Reserve: Email h.perez@hotmail.com


Casa Carmen is a funky, locally-owned hotel-meets-hostel perfect for anyone who wants to stay for a short visit or a few months. The owner’s family lives right on the premises giving it a cozy vibe. This hotel is nestled at the end of the first street of the Callejón. The area is relatively quiet and very safe though a bit further away from the main road. The grounds have a communal kitchen, a cute garden, and a roof terrace that overlooks the adjacent lagoon. Rooms are small, simple, come equipped with fans, and include a bathroom. Its a great place to meet other travellers from around the world if you’re looking for more of a community feel off of the beaten path.

Type: Apartments

Best for: 1 month or more stays

Amenities: Fully furnished apartments with kitchens, hot water, 24-hr electricity, TV and cable

Cost: 300USD a month for 1 bedroom, 600USD for 2 bedrooms

To Reserve: Call 1.809.571.2300 or WhatsApp 1.809.271.0530


Plaza Mora is home to a mixed crowd of local folks, young tourists, and longterm expats making it a perfect place to dip your feet into the vibrant, local community in the Callejón. While they’re nothing too flashy, the apartments are clean, furnished, and adorable. To reserve, visitors pay a deposit equivalent to a month of rent, and the first month in advance.  Deposits are returned in full if the apartment is returned without damages. The two-building complex is conveniently located on the corner of the first street of this neighbourhood, a two-minute walk from the main road, and is close to many local style restaurants. The owners live on the premises and are there to handle any issues you might have. I have many friends who have stayed here, both Dominican and foreign-many continue to come back each year to stay here!

Admittedly, it is a little difficult to find locally-owned accommodation in Cabarete, but not impossible. With a little research finding where to stay in our beautiful seaside town is a breeze. What are some of your favourite locally-owned places to stay in Cabarete?

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